Below are some basic guidelines about files, please review prior to sending files for your project. When sending files for your job, you can upload them directly Hightail. Please use the following guidelines:

  • Files to be sent should be in one folder
  • If there are many facets to your job, organize the images in subfolders using a clear, understandable folder name
  • Prior to sending, the folder needs to be zipped or compressed
  • Images should not be sent one at a time
  • Images should be named clearly, without puctuation or spaces, using no more than 20 characters
  • Do not edit images in a photo editing program, send unedited file
  • Send high-resolution images whenever possible, 300 ppi
  • Files over 5mgs should not be sent as email attachment, use a file-sharing service
  • Web-based graphic art not acceptable for print

Please email me for login instructions.

Zipping folders

A folder should be zipped prior to emailing, sending via a file-sharing service or posting in a dropbox. This saves time and money for the client, and is less confusing for design team. If you are on a windows machine and don’t know how to zip a file, click this link.

If you are using a mac, and don’t know how to zip a file, click this link.

This is an important step as it will organize your files in one folder, compress them for easy emailing, and creates just one link for downloading instead of several.