There are variety of file formats used nowadays, so it is important to send the right kind of file for your job:

  • Web-based graphics (lossy formats) png, gif, jpg
  • Vector formats (non lossy) with the most flexiblity: Illustrator/ai, eps, svg, some pdfs
  • Pixel-based formats: psd, tiff
  • Layout program formats: indd, qxd

When sending images or logos, for the best possible result, please note:

  • Hi-resolution files are preferred in tiff or jpg format 300 ppi
  • Vector graphics are preferred
  • Gifs and pngs will not work in printed pieces and are not acceptable formats
  • Graphics from websites will not work in print, and are not acceptable formats

If you have questions about sending files or file formats, please email me.

Graphics and Filenames

Always name your file with a searchable name. For example, If the file is a basket, use the following convention, identify yourself as the client, the item, and which item, followed by the year or some date: clientname.basket.1.14,jpg. Please use these steps when naming files:

  • Do not use special characters or symbols
  • Do not add extra spaces or formatting
  • Do not use a name that exceeds 20 characters
  • Do not use a sentence or phrase and the filename
  • Do not rename a file that comes from an institutional archive or photographer
  • Do not rename a graphic that has been purchased from a stock archive
  • Do not edit an image from a photographer or designer in any way
  • Do not crop, edit or color correct images

Thank you, following these steps will help to make your job run smoothly and efficiently.