Eileen Powers, Javatime Design

Eileen Powers

Originally from Yonkers, NY (the city of gracious living), Eileen is as known for her wide-ranging work experience (timeshare salesperson, lemonade taster, muffin van driver, VISTA Volunteer, and library page at the Grinton I. Will Library) as for her talent as an artist. Initially studying creative writing and playwriting as an undergraduate, Eileen later pursued photography at the Maine Media Workshops and Caponigro Studios, design and lighting at MassArt, and attended graduate school as part of Syracuse University’s ISDP program in Advertising Design, with a focus on copywriting. She holds graduate certificate in Interactive Media from UMass Dartmouth. Eileen believes in clean design that effectively communicates a focused, targeted message.

Eileen has won numerous awards for her design work most notably from the New England Museum Association (NEMA), New England Press Association (NEPA), United Way, and the American Association of Museums (AAM). An avid runner, her favorite prizes are winning the Falmouth Road Race t-shirt contest, and her medals for finishing the Boston Marathon in ’09 and ’10.

Javatime Design was formed in 2000 with the intention of helping small businesses and nonprofits with design, marketing, photography and marketing materials.