Updating this Year’s Turkey Plunge Graphic

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in BlogBog, Illustration, Logo Design, Work du jour
Turkey Plunge graphic update

My pencil sketch and some of the illustrator sketches.

Just spending some time today on a fun project: I’m adding some critters to the Turkey Plunge logo I created a few years ago. We’re working with the theme “Join the Team for #15!” So I added some sea creatures: flounder, lobstah, penguin, starfish, and some scallops. For this kind of project I stay away from the controversial critters like sharks and seals. This is a family event after all. The Plunge raises money for the Nantucket Atheneum’s Weezie Library for Children. If you’re going to be on Nantucket this Thanksgiving, you can find out more about participating in the plunge here.


Here's our Tom with all of his new friends!

Here’s our Tom with all of his new friends!