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I see you’ve read the sign and finally found me. Would you prefer a booth by the window?

Nice work on your part, as I’ve left scant web maps throughout my professional life. It’s taken me four years, three vacations, two pets, one filthy desk and a partial brain to finally get this site in working order…and…oh, numerous unfinished caffeinated beverages. Sad to to think of all that wasted fuel.

I took the image at left today at my local Kmart plaza where a new cosmetic store has just been unmasked. A strange and fascinating place I will discuss in an upcoming post. In terms of the sign, I would have preferred neon as I’ve always envisioned Javatime Design as a kind of open-all-night-design-diner with strong coffee, warm pie and that pleasing-yet-stomach-turning Woolworth’s smell. I have an standard orange polyester uniform dress, with matching branded apron, I wear to clean up those ground-in design messes. Alas, as hard as I tried I was unable to find plugin that converts actual scents into digital fragrances. Perhaps, those crafty WordPress developers are secretly working away on it.

Well then, thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to pick up a take-menu on your way out. Tomorrow we will be serving piping hot haikus with a heaping side of pentameter. Tasty!