Fun on the Run!

WinterRunDrawingIt’s always fun to work on projects with bright colors and goofy shapes. As a runner and someone who is in the possession of many a foul race t-shirts, I tried to design shirts I would wear myself. After looking at the work of Jim Flora, one of my favorite illustrators and truly a genius. I was inspired to create this compact nonsensical graphic funky shapes and crazy proportions. Now Jim was a master of the form, but I tried to pay him homage. Keeping the client’s needs in mind and the medium (t-shirt), I contained myself a bit. The sketch is much more complicated and would work in print or on the web, but the finished t-shirt graphic is a bit more simplified so it prints easily. These shirts sell out each year! So better  sign up for the run now!

I was happy with the finished graphic, but at some point would like to go in and take another Flora-inspired crack at it!

Nantucket Winter Run t-shirt graphic